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!!! ATTENTION !!! 

- If you competed last year, please select RENEW

- Each athlete needs their OWN unique username and password. Unfortunatly it is not possible to purchase multiple memberships under one account. In order to correctly calculate athlete rankings, every athlete needs a unique username and password. It is fine to use the same email address on multiple accounts. 

- If you are a One-Time Athlete looking to compete again, purchase an UPGRADE! 
DO NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER One-Time Membership. Help us avoid a huge amount of manual work and ranking inconsistencies/errors by purchasing an upgrade if you wish to participate in additional events.

- Athletes and Coaches who do not train with a Freeride team or club are called 'IFSA INDEPENDENTS'. For safety reasons and to ensure everyone understands the competition format and rules it is *REQUIRED* for Independent Athletes to have a L100 Certified parent or guardian coach with an active 2022 Coach Membership. We offer free L100 training online and it is a requirement to have a certified coach. Contact us for further information.

- Please review the athlete handbook for competition rules and parameters

- IFSA Coaches are required to hold an IFSA Coach Membership in order to access venues. Coaches are required to register for events on The Driven.

- Please understand that COVID-19 policies, vaccine requirements and health and wellness measures will differ between many of our valued host mountains. It is your responsibility to adhere to these measures. Before you purchase this membership or register for a specific event, you should know that a number of our host mountains are requiring vaccination to access the property. 




Your IFSA membership is a tax-deductible expense. 

Nearly all IFSA’s work and expenditures occur prior to the competition season,
regardless of whether competitions take place or are canceled. For this reason, IFSA
memberships are non-refundable.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 



If you are a RETURNING IFSA athlete or coach, click the RENEW button and use your login information from last season.
If you are a NEW IFSA athlete or coach, click JOIN NOW


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